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A show

There is a vast amount of beer related videos and podcasts on the internet. They do all sorts of beer tastings, brewery visits, shows of combining food and beer, interviewing brewers etc. Most of them are concentrating on providing info,... Continue Reading →



You rely on your knowledge or intuition when choosing a beer on a bar's taplist. Normally I look for a style of beer, but I do let things like a cool name or brewery influence my decision. I was talking... Continue Reading →

Midtown Detroit with Bob

Every now and then the Universe opens up for you and the only thing you have to do is to move with it. For me it opened up in Detroit. I was staying with a good friend of mine, Bob... Continue Reading →

No turning back

I remember way back having my first IPA. It felt like discovering sex the first time. It hit all my senses in ways they’d never been disturbed before, it was exciting. During my teenage years my taste buds had been... Continue Reading →

Linear Thinking

I notice myself having a linear thinking brain. When I am aware of situation A, I move swiftly to position B. When I am thirsty I'll have a beer, too easy. There is a natural need for this sort of... Continue Reading →

Beer commercial

How did you find the last great beer you had? Did you discover it from a buddy of yours? Was it a brewery you follow? Was it recommended by your local bartender? Was it via social media? The common denominator... Continue Reading →

Connecting the Dots

It's easy to be connected these days. While sharing beer experiences with people around the world, I realized there's a vast amount of interesting breweries which I’d never heard about. Being in my own beer bubble I thought the world... Continue Reading →


I am a Renaissance man, for me the beauty of art and search of the truth by science is all one. Beer is art and beer is science. Where science asks how to get the highest possible IBUs for your... Continue Reading →

It’s a high time for craft beer

I recall seeing a TIME article in December 2016 which was raving about how legal weed is hurting beer business. My initial reaction was “bullshit” but the more I thought about it, the clearer the big picture came. Big breweries... Continue Reading →

Finnish breweries in colour

I don’t dig scoring beers and putting them in order. Rather, I believe in capturing something vague, a feel. I find this more relevant than whatever number. After drinking a ton of  Finnish beer I want to lift up a... Continue Reading →

Creative Juice

I'm a lucky man indeed. I am surrounded by creative people. It's a personality trait, which I would love to possess to a great extent. For years I’ve been attempting to study carefully what these people do and how they... Continue Reading →

Modelo at Weeds

You must be a well connected man to sit down and sip beer at the back of Mikes aka Weeds backyard in the heart of Flint, MI. My connection was a very good buddy of mine Pat, who knows Mike... Continue Reading →

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